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Dessy dresses include a wide range of styles and brands that appeal to not just brides, but for a formal occasion, ball and for Prom nights.

The Dessy group has many brands to choose from: Dessy Bridesmaids, After Six, Lovely Bridesmaid, Jenny Packham, Alfred Sung, Social Dresses, Thread Bridesmaid, Loop Convertible Dresses, Studio Design Collection.

The beauty of the Dessy website means you can choose your style, and then change the colour of the gown to see how it looks across different colours. Or, if you know which colour you want, you can change its style to make your selection.

Using high quality fabrics, each dress is designed with excellence in mind. Available in up to sixty colours in different styles to suit all shapes. The materials range from silks, chiffons, lux chiffons, to taffeta and more! The dresses are also available in plus size and they have a maternity and junior ranges too! You can have short dresses, or long dresses and there are matching accessories such as sashes and wraps. You can even order extra material to use for your wedding day – perhaps for the groom’s handkerchief, tie or cravat?

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